May 23-24, 2019


The workshop will continue the long-time work on the issue "Socio-Ecological Responsibility in Science and Engineering Education".

The members of the network exchange teaching practices through the integration of sustainability, peace, democracy and ethics principles into the training courses.

It provides a platform for the cooperation within the education society, scientists and engineers.

We get time to establish the professional society and committee to insert the progressive social and ecological sustainable principles into the education system, courses and training plans.

The last network meeting was led in Berlin, 2016. The schedule of that meeting could be found here:,


- To exchange teaching experiences and new ideas (units, plans, methods, programmes) in Socio-Ecological Responsibility education;

- To present the existing /proposed short teaching-units underpinned by theoretical reflections;

- To discuss the multi-level teaching standards' coordination in University, science and long-life education through the social and ecological benefits;

- To create a Road-Map for the professional collaboration;

- To establish The Society of Socio-Ecological Responsibility in Science and Engineering Education (SERSEE).

The organizers also will spread the outcomes of the workshop further by publishing written proceedings with peer-reviewed contributions.

We invited to take part in our event the network participants:

1) Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna, Director of AICTE, India, New Delhi;

2) Dr. Tom Børsen, Head of the Study Board for Techno-Anthropology and Sustainable Design, Department of Planning, Aalborg University, Denmark, Copenhagen;

3) Dr. Yann Serreau, Vice-Director of the InnoVent-E Project, Lineact Cesi, France, Paris;

4) Dr. Igor Khmelinskii, FCT, DQF and CEOT, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal, Faro;

5) Dr. André Baier, Coordinator of the Sustainability Certificate for Students, Technische Universität, Germany, Berlin;

6) Kiera Reifschneider, SOtL Programme, Arizona State University, USA, Tucson.

Holding the event with the support of UN Environment Programme will give a powerful impetus to the work being carried out. It will contribute to the organizing a basic operational platform in educational and professional standards on social and environmental responsibility.


The workshop will take place on May 23-24, 2019.

Address: Russian Office of UN Environment, 9, Leontyevsky lane, 125009 Moscow, Russia.

Participation and paper submission

If you are working with the education of scientists and engineers, you are welcome to share your experience! The fields of life-long learning, adult education and transdisciplinary training are also welcome. Please, try to deliver your practice exactly in social and ecological direction. We shall discuss it and put the best practices into the base for professional exchange.

Deadline of general proposals for participation is February 11, 2019.

Proposals should include a title of your submission, your name and affiliation, official address, and the abstract till 250 words.

Please, indicate in your participation proposal if you would like to deliver a presentation.

The application should be sent to this e-mail:, Dr. Tatiana Smetanina
The leading adviser of the organisational committee is
Pr. Valery S. Petrosyan,
Honored Professor of Moscow State University,
Rector of the Open Ecological University,
Vice-President of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,
Chairman of the Environmental Council of the Moscow Government,
UN expert on Chemical Safety,
Vice-Director for scientific development of RT-INVEST company
Papers can address one of the following topics:

Ø Theoretical framework for sustainability and ethics teaching;

Ø New implemented features/new ideas in providing the knowledge of Sustainability you would like to implement in training courses;

Ø Identification of the students' needs (their values and perceptions) according the direction marked;

Ø Identification of the most crucial topics;

Ø The values, motivation and profiles of teaching staff engaged in socio-ecological responsibility teaching (and those, who is not involved);

Ø How we could evaluate the impact of socio-ecological responsibility teaching?

Ø Professional and educational standard's proposals for University and long-life teaching through the socio-ecological responsibility aims;

Ø The ways to prepare the technical teaching staff to insert the part of social and ecological responsibility in their courses/practice;

Ø Examples of the social university network through the development of ecological responsibility inside the technical and other types of education.

Please, try to resume your proposals to the professional and educational standards in social and ecological responsibility based on your teaching experience and practical analysis.

The organisational committee will confirm your presentation before the March 1st, 2019.


The registration fee is 100 Euro or 8000 RUB.

The fee includes the organising expenses, printing programme, coffee breaks, and the city excursions.

The participants will cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

Announcement for the potential sponsors

We invite the potential sponsors to be the partners of our event. We are glad to collaboration and ready to provide your company info through our sites. We shall provide a half-year PR of your brands and include your links to the followed workshop issues and papers.

Your help will allow us to minimize the participants' expenses and to expand the event's programme.

Thanks for all for the collaboration and participation!

We are interested in the union of professionals, caring and kind people working for the benefits of Education, Environment and future generations!

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