Yemeni Youth BRICS Cabinet
Yemeni BRICS & SDGs Youth Cabinet is a Yemeni youth initiative released by Mr. Fouad AlGhaffari, with a number of youth ministers, ambassadors and governors, which took its first step early in 2016AD, and presented itself to the world on March 28, 2017AD. BRICS Youth Cabinet is specialized in coordinating with the youth of BRICS countries. It has held five foundation meetings in the Office of the Presidency and several meetings in the Supreme Economic Council and finally in the General Investment Authority.

It is backed by the inherent and the constitutional Rights of youth to create the future, the youth duty to achieve the goals of the sustainable development that was issued in 2015AD, the resolution of the Security Council in 2015AD number 2250 which states the role of youth in establishing peace, the resolution of the Human Right Council in June, 2017AD, toward international agenda for the rights of youth, the outcomes of BRICS Youth summit July 24-28, 2017, the acknowledgment of the summit of the leaders of BRICS ( + ) countries for the role of youth in the global governance on September 4, 2017, and interacting with our country's welcome to the Chinese Policy Document toward the Arab states on November 7.2017.

Furthermore, BRICS Youth Cabinet stands against the Western-Saudi aggression and welcomes the cooperation and the integration with the youth cabinets and unions within the country and abroad.

And While there are many diplomatic youth strata within BRICS Organization along with businesses and sciences in addition to Shanghai Youth Organization, sport youths, and the Forum of BRICS Youth Parliament which was formed recently on October 11, 2017; the Yemeni BRICS Youth Cabinet is the first of its kind in the world. It was imposed by necessity and the inherent right of youth to have a role in shaping the present and the future.

The Yemeni BRICS Cabinet worked on theorizing the meaning of the World BRICS concept in addition to conducting tens of seminars in its pursuit of publicizing the idea of the New Silk Road as a humanitarian horizon, not as a corridor only as some would think of it, nor as what those who want to limit its purposes want to illustrate. This is precisely what the government confronted with much determination in order to keep the concept uncorrupted due to the importance of having our country revive the Yemeni Gum Road.

BRICS Youth Cabinet initiated its steps by presenting the new economy concepts. With the advancement of the New Silk Road Union and EAEU to engaging in political and military alliances, BRICS Cabinet worked on theorizing the new trend of its main portfolios via advocating for economic safety and counter-terrorism in addition to promoting the world trend toward economic parties. All previous was done for one principle which is the right to development. The Yemeni BRICS Cabinet rejects the idea of relief, grants or assistance or even retrenchment. Even though it is obligatory to plan with relief and retrenchment, the premise of BRICS offered an important catalyst to pressure toward development, first and foremost. Now that the natural law presents development to each of the mind as the supply of the vicegerent of earth, it is now an inherent right that has to be defended.

Thereupon, BRICS Youth Cabinet had the following activities:

1-Releasing the text, "The Dawn Loomed" for Eiman Abu-Talib, Minister of Foreign Affairs. It is a text that tells a vision for reconstructing Yemen, reaching the achievement of the goals of the sustainable development. Its read was initiated in the Yemeni Center of Remote-sensing and it was informed of in a seminar in Germany on resisting the act of aggression against Yemen.

2- Announcing the campaign of "Be BRICS" on the World Youth Day last year in collaboration with the World Food Program in which BRICS youth initiated the mark of our national and intellectual school, using Larouche Materix to achieving the goals of the sustainable development.

3- Participating the youth of BRICS in three different occasions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which declared its official heading toward linking the Yemeni dream, reviving the New Gum Road, with the Chinese one of the New Silk Road and teaching the Chinese Language to the personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via Mr. Mohammed Al-Ansi, Minister for Developmental Education in BRICS Youth Cabinet.

4- Interacting with welcoming the Yemeni Ministry of Youth and Sport the cooperation with BRICS Youth Cabinet in reading the resolution of the Human Rights Council, promulgated on June 19, 2017AD which upholds the rights and the agenda of youth in terms of the sustainable development goals2030.

5-Heading the Cabinet of BRICS Youth toward forming a warfare poltical economic model that establishes the presence of the Yemeni youth on the New Silk Road.

6- The Preparatory Committee of the New Silk Road announced the text ( BRICS in the Fronts) The text records the role that the combat fronts play in defending the economic freedom and the reach for the goals of the sustainable development. The text has been shown recently in a meeting for the BRICS parties within the campaign: "Infiro Khifafa Wa Thiqala"(Go fight whether you were strong youths or weak elders). In addition, there is a top-level minister in BRICS Youth Cabinet who visits the fronts to support them and provide them with caravans of means.

7- Conducting a series of Friday sermons about the goals of the sustainable development according to the Larouche Key method for the progress of the BRICS states, run by Minister of Endowments and Sustainable Development in BRICS Youth Cabinet.

8- Addressing the parliament, the European Union Mission in addition to visiting many offices of the United Nations in Sana'a in the pursuit of confirming that the conviction of the United Nations for the project of the Belt and the Road is an unquestionable foundation for achieving the goals of the sustainable development.

9- The youth Cabinet of BRICS announced the formation of the children cabinet of the sustainable development on the World Peace Day. It is comprised of 17 male and female child-ministers. Those children were the first ever to talk about economy and sustainable development.

10- Collaborating the youth of BRICS with the Language School on teaching the sustainable development subject to be the first school in the world to take this attitude.

11- Giving fifteen lectures at the Yemeni Center for Studies and Research and at the University of Sana'a along with conducting many other activities for different ministerial portfolios of BRICS Youth Cabinet, "especially BRICS Sport for sport infrastructure in conformity with BRICS approach."

The following link is for a video that was displayed in an international conference in Germany about fulfilling the dream of humanity on the 25th of last November. This video provides an illustration for BRICS tools as the path toward achieving the goals of the sustainable development. It also exhibits joint attendance for the youth of BRICS and the Sustainable Development Children:


12- Announcing the intention of preparing the first national youth profile of the sustainable development which will be a launch pad and a written system, offered to the Yemeni political leadership as an option to help them select the appropriate approach for the peace negotiations in order to fulfill the commitments of our country toward reaching the goals of the sustainable development, the ones our country is deprive of due to the tripartite of war, blockade and terrorism which is contrary to the obligations of the aggressor states to achieve the goals of the sustainable development.

13- Releasing the initiative of preparing the report, "The Happy Economic Miracle" of the vision of the conjunction of Yemen and its youth with the New Silk Road in collaboration with the General Investment Authority of Yemen & Schiller International Insitutue. ( ).

14- Giving a statement as a contribution to the seminar: "The Role of Youth in Confrontation and Resilience" on the third anniversary of confronting and repelling against the act of aggression against our country.

15- Launching BRICS youth marathon in a campaign that was waged simultaneously with preparing the report: "The Happy Economic Miracle," in addition to arranging for the celebration of the World Day for the Chinese Language for two rounds and same for the Russian International language day.

16- Adopting the declaration of the friend bloc of the Chinese Policy Document toward the Arab World in cooperation with the Liberation Front Party. Also, announcing the initiative of BRICS Woman Parliament.

The word BRICS irritates the aggressor states. On the other hand, it raises hope. As long as we say that the youth had a presence with a different spirit, it is more important in the time of confronting the act of aggression and terminating the domination of the International Bank system to take real experiments which were presented on free foundations into consideration. Besides, it is crucial we repel against some concepts that were established as a permanent t
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