Сhamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. Speech of the President, Gilberto Ramos
The gladiators of Ancient Rome had a motto, which is till now used by the Olympic Games sportsmen: "Power and honor". What we currently see is an example of power, but far from soft and infinitely far from honesty.

In recent weeks we have witnessed the global spectacle in our wonderful city – the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2016, at which the better part of the major global companies have been present as the official and unofficial sponsors and for the purpose to support the national Olympic committees and "sports icons" of various kinds, such as Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and others. One of the main tasks of these companies is to unite their images with sport and its achievements as well as to expand their business all-over the world. The most natural things, for now...

The name Soft Power means the concept intended to describe the opportunity to directly or indirectly affect the public with the help of such tools as mass media, culture, and sport. The Olympic Games are without doubt the most efficient mechanism to promote such goals, the largest event for the whole planet, which in recent years draws the attention of over 4.5 bln. people all-over the world via the newspapers, television network, and especially Internet.

It shall be stressed that despite all problems of absence of the organizational and budget structure as well as the political instability in Brazil, the Games of 2016 have achieved all its goals in full and have been carried out in the atmosphere of absolute peace and tranquility, great warmth and joy, which the dwellers of Rio, perhaps, more than any other city of the world have managed to create for all who visited the world capital of sport. The social and economic legacy and the infrastructure of the city Rio de Janeiro are expected to justify all efforts of the locals and the billions of expenses onto the mega-event. In addition to the abovementioned notions we see the attempt to isolate Russia in every respect, from the first set of sanctions adopted in respect of the country in March 2014, to which I dedicated several articles (the first of them – Russian Ship will be Going Forward - in March 2014), on this "geopolitical chess board", on which the main global players are mixing the pieces in less and less "soft" form. It would be naive to speak about "loyalty" in our time. Of course, all efforts will be taken to make Russia leave the game, especially in the largest global event. It is the general knowledge that the major Russian sport stars are Maria Sharapova and Elena Isinbaeva, and they were forbidden to come to Rio de Janeiro: the first one due to supposed use of inadequate substances (Meldonium, anti-ischemic drugs) and the second one due to the complete boycott of the Russia national track and field team, which has finally covered also so-called clean sportsmen. From the legal point of view the "burden of proving lies on the accuser", so, in our point of view this total ban was absolutely unfair and groundless. Without the great efforts of Thomas Bach, the head of the international Olympic Committee born in Germany the whole Russian delegation would be excluded from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Most regrettably, nothing of this kind was about the Paralympic participants, who were expelled by the order of the President of the International Paralympic Committee, British sir Philip Craven, even before the technical analysis and obtainment of proof of use of doping by hundreds of Russian sportsmen, who were going to participate in the event, to the grief and disappointment of these true heroes, who rise above themselves – the heroes, the sportsmen from Russia or any other country of the world, who were forced to go through this infamous wrong. During the last days the international mass media informed that the hackers hacked the files of the World Anti-Dope Agency (WADA, the abbreviation in English) and found many confidential official documents proving the use of forbidden substances, but in form of medical recipes specifying that the combinations were used for the "therapeutic" purposes. For this reason the WADA has made an "exception" for the use of forbidden drugs. The sportsmen, for who the WADA has made the exception, include the gymnast Simone Biles and tennis players sisters Williams. They are all American. In other words, it means that a "real medical recipe" depends on a physician, who signs it, and, of course, the nationality of the sportsman... "Clean sportsmen", only in case of transparency, fairness, and "fair game". It is not what can be stated absolutely. The gladiators of Ancient Rome had a motto, which is till now used by the Olympic Games sportsmen: "Power and honor". What we currently see is an example of power, but far from soft and infinitely far from honesty.

Despite all this, I still believe in the common sense of the human intelligence, in the power of diplomacy and in the due and legal use of soft powers, such as culture and sport, in order to unite people in this constantly shrinking global village.

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