Alexander Kadakin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia in India – it is the unique phenomenon of the XX and XXI centuries. Despite all ups and downs or titanic changes at the international arena or inside our countries, the relations remain stable and strong, because our basic national interests coincide. We interact on the basis of the highest trust, which may only exist between the states – India and Russia. The relations between the leaders of two countries – Putin, V.V. and Narendra Modi – are very good. They both are oriented onto the result.

Alexander Kadakin
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia in India
It is necessary to point out that India is actively developing in the international politics and economy as a real world power.Narendra Modi's government - the government of majority unlike the preceding one, in which there was a coalition, - is carrying out the more resolved and aggressive foreign policy of the state, which is manifested by the more active aspiration of India to become a member of the UN Security Council, to connect to all international regimes of rocket technologies. India aspires to enter the group of nuclear suppliers, in which we fully support it.

All this sets the unchanging, but renewed task to develop our deep and multi-faced cooperation, which is characterized as "especially privileged strategic partnership". India was the first country, with which we signed the Strategic Partnership Declaration during the first visit of President V. Putin to India. It was an innovation in the whole essence and system of international relations and now it has become common – the states establish the strategic partnership.

The strategic partnership means that we plan for the future, for many tens of years ahead. Both countries are sure that in the future there will be no situation, in which our interests could contradict each other. The assuredness of the future builds our relations on a new basis.

The Russian-Indian strategic partnership differs from all others by the fact that we were the first to introduce it as a notion to the diplomacy. In addition it is "especially privileged strategic partnership", which sets the relative tasks for the Embassy. We work for the relations deepening. It is proved by the wide program of atomic power plants construction – up to 12 energy units. We have a wide program of military and technical cooperation. With which other country could we develop the fifth generation fighter aircraft? Ofcourse, only with India. Or create the weapon, which India sells to the foreign markets, - the best in the world supersonic cruising missile BrahMos?

Our relations are actively and positively developing despite the deliberate false stories. For example, that America is pushing Russia and India aside in the military and technical cooperation. It is not true. The given figures and misleading and do not correspond to the reality. In fact 70% of Indian military forces are equipped with our machines and the navy - by 80%. So, our cooperation is long-term.
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