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XI International socio-cultural forum "Living Tradition"

XI International socio-cultural forum "Living Tradition", dedicated to the celebration of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God and the Russian state holiday - Day of National Unity - will be held from 12 to 15 November 2016 in Moscow under the slogan "Keep the roots".

Organizers: All-Russian public organization "Russian Folklore Union", National Centre for Russian folklore; informational partner - International Alliance of BRICS Strategic Projects with the support of the Ministry of Culture. The Forum received the blessing of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia in 2007.

Forum is intended to affirm the idea of the viability and relevance of the traditional culture in our days, the need for its preservation and support of the society and the state. Forum "Living Tradition" is a unique opportunity to experience the folklore and ethnographic ensembles and performers from across the country, with people who have dedicated themselves to the study of authentic singing traditions of the region. The representatives of the Ministry of Culture - Culture Minister V. Medinsky, First Deputy Minister V. Aristarchov, Deputy Minister A. Zhuravsky, heads of institutions of culture, education, ethnomusicology, cultural studies, the clergy, the State Duma are invited for the Forum.

Creative Forum program includes concerts, presentations of new folk ensembles and regional programs, a round table on the topic "Modern scientific achievements and public initiatives to support conservation and updating of people's traditional culture", a cycle of conversations about traditional culture in Moscow universities for students' audience and all interested, trade fair of folk crafts and arts, creative meetings and laboratories of folklore groups and others.

Professionals in the fields of folk traditional culture (heads of cultural organizations, education, ethnomusicology, culture, politics, media, clergy, etc.), the best folk-ethnographi c groups from 50 regions of Russia and foreign countries will take part in the Forum "Living tradition".

The main objectives of the Forum are: to attract attention of society and the state to the people's traditional culture that fosters stability and consolidation in the modern society, education of spiritual and creative activity of the person. Forum organizers hope that the preservation and development of folk traditional culture will be one of the priority tasks of the state and will be supported by the authorities in the regions.

More information about the program and all relevant information about the Forum can be found at websites: www.folklore.ru and www.folkcentr.ru

Phone: (495) 669-35-87

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