EXPO 2020
Expo 2020's become one of the main international events in the world this year. It's the largest international cooperation after the pandemic and all travel restrictions. Under the hot sun, a lot of businessmen, officials, and NGO representatives were able to find points of contact to establish new, strong, and important connections for the sake of worldwide prosperity.

The NGO "Sail of Hope" consultative status with ECOSOC UN and BRICS International Alliance were represented by Nomma Zarubina and Radzhiv Valiev as guests of the exhibition. Moreover, representatives were able to participate in the Global Business Forum Africa (GBF Connect) within Expo 2020. Relations not only of the Middle East and Africa were discussed, but also the trade between the BRICS countries and other opportunities in international cooperation. It's always important to know the opinions and attitudes of partners in person to have a chance to improve business relationships in the future.

The remembrancer of the importance of the formation of a social-oriented business is a crucial point in today's understanding of the United Nation's agenda. One of the biggest pavilions is dedicated to the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's 2030). Global Business should be also responsible for the world's ecology, social stability, and new directions of the department of Global Communications. In such events, business and NGO Representatives may understand issues deeper to find the best solutions for all stakeholders.

Despite all negotiations, the real work should start after these Forums, when people can make a firm decision about business transactions and cooperation. The next event is planned for December 3-4 called "The Russia Forum: driving the future". An event dedicated to international and Russian-Arab economic and investment contributions. It's a big opportunity for the Middle East and the Russian Federation as well as for other regions to find different connections between each other.