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"BRICS Conductorless Symphony Orchestra"

"BRICS Conductorless Symphony Orchestra"
Symbolically, the orchestra without a conductor was invented and assembled in Moscow about 100 years ago. Created at the initiative of the violinist Lev Zeitlin under the influence of the Bolshevik idea of "collective work" Persimfans (First Symphony Ensemble) was the first good team, who managed to bring a symphonic performance to life, based only on the creative initiative of each of the musicians. At rehearsals Persimfans used methods of rehearsals of chamber ensembles, decisions on matters of interpretation were taken collectively. Among the members were Persimfans greatest musicians of the time - the soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, professors and students of the Moscow Conservatory. These bands have been created in other countries: USA, Germany, Brazil etc.

75 musicians – the best musicians and soloists from BRICS countries – will present the unique program. Different music, from classic works well known all-over the world up to works of modern composers of BRICS countries will be performed (Heitor Villa-Lobos, Vijay Upadhyaya, Guan Xia, Michael Mosoeu-Moreane, Ravi Shankar, Chaikovsky).

Coherent performance of an orchestra without a conductor, where each musician is responsible for a portion of performance and is capable of self-sense single musical space of the creative team, to create harmony in diversity, promotes intercultural understanding and global cooperation based on the common language of music, symbolically demonstrates the enormous potential of the BRICS countries to become a reference point for the rest of the planet. The harmonious interaction with each other without external control underlines the feasibility of further development of the system of international relations in the absence of a unipolar world and strengthening geopolitical multipolarity.

Presentations will be organized in places (theater and private property), suitable for people with disabilities. According to the rules, projects funded from the federal budget, including arising from the special programs to encourage culture, are obliged to provide free access of people with disabilities to such events, thereby enabling them to fully perform their cultural rights.

From India – Indian National Youth Orchestra, from Russia – The First Simphony Youth Orchestra of International BRICS Alliance.

The purpose of the project is constant performances of the orchestra at the iconic events of the BRICS countries.

Director in Russia – Larisa Zelentsova

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