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BRICS Alliance is a safe environment of current information technologies
Information Technology (IT) today is an independent branch of human civilization, it has a huge impact not only on the communicative capacity of people throughout the world, but also shapes public opinion, it is the help (and sometimes base) for numerous sectors of business and industry, creating prerequisites for the formation of a new system of thinking with young generations. That fact, which we are accustomed to grumble, when faced with excessive use of the Internet or smartphone, is inherently transient. Computers appeared in mass market ceased to be the only source of entertainment - they have become an everyday handy tool, without which millions of people around the world can not imagine their work.
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The development of digital technology has a relatively short, though violent history. We can say with confidence that we are on the threshold of the formation of the new requirements associated with them, revaluation of values, changing priorities. Penetrating into the everyday life of society, these technologies do not only contribute to the development of human relationships and serve the progress and - in turn - are experiencing the same problems that a society is solving.

One of the central issues of IT today is the problem of data security. The problem is global, and covers virtually all sectors of the application of technology, from personal to corporate, from regional to state. By creating a virtual space, we gave it the properties possessed by real space - in the virtual world data reliability and protection against unauthorized access are no less relevant and important than global public health problem, and intellectual property is the same (often larger) value as well as the value of the material, but much less securely guarded.

All this creates conditions for a long and fruitful international cooperation in the field of intelligent technologies designed to enhance data security and protection from unauthorized communications, unscrupulous and irresponsible actions. We must realize that today's data protection system operates on the principle of "patching holes", undertaking new efforts already after inadequacy of available funds becomes apparent.

In the IT-platform, being created by International Alliance of BRICS Strategic Projects", there is a place for sharing experiences and solving important problems in this area, not only by forces of one person, but by closed national group, but with the help of elite programmers and system designers of international level.

Another major problem is the problem of protection (and above all - registration) of intellectual property. No one has been doing this globally: some attempts to enter publications classifiers to Internet are of different periodicity and discreteness - they are not associated with each other, and therefore perform its function poorly.

International Alliance of BRICS Strategic Projects has a policy of synergies in the area, creating an international intellectual property qualifier, data of which facilitate the task of finding the information you need, check for antiplagiat and are official confirmation of ownership of intellectual property and copyright, create an information foundation for real steps of copyright security and ownership rights from unfair use.

In light of the above, other technical components of work with data (storage, use, transfer), whose quality and security anywhere in the world can not be yet considered satisfactory, are getting important. The ID of the user, getting access for information, which is intellectual property, should be worked out with no less care than identifiers of cardholders conducting network transactions. One of the main directions of realization of this idea is to use BlockChain technology (chain transactions blocks - chain of generated transaction blocks, built according to certain rules. Distributed database, first implemented in cryptocurrency "Bitcoin", is called Blokchain).

International Alliance of BRICS Strategic Projects sees a great scope for action in this direction and tremendous prospects for fruitful cooperation. IT-platform allows us to gather elite group of executors and designers for solution of this or that problem, to find customers for the development of intelligent products, to prepare the demand for these products and to shape the market according to the laws of the ordinary world. The same rules, the same settings, the same limitations and the same security must work in it.

Intellectual Property, while properly working with it, can be sold without risk of being stolen, can be in the space protected from the unfair use, can be the subject of sale, exchange, entering the IPO.

International Alliance of BRICS Strategic Projects builds its activity in this direction in close contact and cooperation with federal authorities for the protection of copyright and intellectual property of Member States, to enlist their support and involving a partnership.

Local data communication network has been successfully used since long time, the main advantage of it is that it possess a high degree of independence from voluntarism of owners of technical means. Privacy and security of local information exchange in groups are one of the most important challenges of our time.

IT-platform allows participants to become such part of a secure network, where the rules are established and run not by the will of corporations or political reasons, but on the basis of a safe constructive cooperation. We see this as a way to confront information terrorism, and technological pressure and illegal activities on the use of copyright. The work of intellectuals of different countries in positively oriented and creative group - this is the opportunity being implemented by International Alliance BRICS Strategic Projects.
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