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with the invitation of cultural and business circles of the BRICS and SCO member countries
The concept of the BUSINESS Forum of BRICS
The population of the planet Earth lives a unique historical period. Leading countries of the world form the fundamental foundations of the global digital economy. The key factor in the production of the digital economy is data.

The level and quality of data (information) forms the managerial decisions of the leaders of countries. On the basis of available data, citizens of countries select values and behaviors, determine the mode of action. Reliable, positive, open information is the basis for the harmonious development of the individual, country and world.

The BRICS countries and the SCO form a unique ecosystem of integration of digital technologies. The leadership of the countries provides a favorable regulatory environment for the dynamic development of new technologies. The universal language of figures does not require explanations or interpretations. It is objective and equally understandable for representatives of religions, parties, science and business.

The coordinated development of the digital economy is also a resource for the development of business and humanitarian cooperation with European countries on the principles of global ethics

The purpose of the forum: the world of unity and safe development

Forum tasks:

• creation of the ecosystem of the digital economy of the BRICS and SCO countries

• optimization of the public administration system through digital technologies

• integration of green technologies for conservation, purification and reproduction of natural resources

• creation of a complementary system of higher education in the training of personnel in the digital economy of the BRICS and SCO countries

• improving the welfare and quality of life of citizens

• increasing the level of awareness and digital literacy of citizens

• improving the quality of public services for citizens

• role of digital technology in the system of internal and external security of the BRICS and SCO countries

• harmonization of the legislation of the BRICS and SCO countries for the integration of digital technologies into the business environment and the business model.

• shaping the culture of the digital economy with resources of cinema, literature

Discussion topics:

digital resources in the electoral system of the BRICS and SCO countries - the introduction of digital portraits of candidates for elective offices of any level, blockchain technology in the public administration and political systems, digitalization of education, global security, information security, personal information culture, information and psychological security, harmonization of the legislation of the BRICS and SCO countries, digital financial culture, cryptocurrency - potential, possibilities, safety, digital-consulting, global statistics, ICO, digital medicine, retraining of managerial staff, competences, ethics of data, harmonious integration of artificial intelligence into social institutions.

Forum - discussion platform:

Within the framework of the discussion agenda of the forum there will be a discussion of priority directions in the development of cooperation between the BRICS countries and the SCO.

Forum - communication platform:

New strategic partnerships between developers, manufacturers, investors, development and promotion institutions, heads of state and municipal authorities of the BRICS and SCO countries will be created at the forum site.

Forum - exhibition area:

during the forum there will be an exhibition to establish and develop fruitful and long-term contacts with potential partners.

Forum - investment site:

The forum is a unique platform for effective communication between developers, project authors, producers and investors. Potential partners will sign agreements, memoranda, joint action plans.

Forum - cultural site:

cultural program of the forum, based on the uniqueness and uniqueness of the cultural heritage of each of the member countries of the BRICS and SCO. Fashion shows, movies and the performance of the BRICS Symphony Orchestra



Presentation of investment projects in the regions of the BRICS and SCO member countries.

The signing of the Declaration of Unity and Safe Development

The signing of the Agreement on the Ethics of Data of the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Interregional Exchange of Business Contacts of Entrepreneurs of the Regions of the BRICS and SCO Member States.

Exhibition of entrepreneurs of the regions of the BRICS and SCO member countries.


Status of the Partner of the Forum opens opportunities:

• to make statements on state and public, business forum venues within the framework of press approaches

• to present projects to the leading expert community of the BRICS and SCO countries

• to get information support on partner information resources, in print media, information portals, social media of the BRICS and SCO countries

• to introduce legislative initiatives for consideration by the expert community

• to assist in organizing meetings with representatives of the authorities of Russia, Europe, the BRICS countries and the SCO

• to receive a package of bonuses between members of the Partnership's partner pool (from 20 to 50 percent)

• to participation in the events of the partners at Forum venues on priority terms

• to promote business initiatives of partners on thematic state and international venues at Forum sessions

• to place all types of information resources on the site of the committee's partner events (press-wave, roll-up, booklets, flyers, electronic advertising boards, exhibition stands, etc.)

Mandatory condition: publication of the press release and post-release of the forum on the company's website

The global partner network of the Forum is represented by state and public structures, leading educational, peacemaking, charitable organizations, foundations, and also business structures.

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