Bright Colours of Friendship: BRICS Fashion Forum - Business Summit - Cultural Performance
Fashion forum BRICS 2018
The concept of the Fashion Forum of BRICS countries 2018.
Programm Fashion forum BRICS 2018
On the initiative of organizing BRICS Event and Fashion Forum. Sergei Ryabkov
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

of Russian Federation

President of autonomous noncommercial organization

"International Alliance of BRICS Strategic Projects"

Larisa Zelentsova

On the initiative of organizing

BRICS Event and Fashion Forum

Dear Ms. Larisa,

Thank you very much for the information on initiatives of International Alliance of BRICS Strategic Projects for development of the cooperation of the States of BRICS in the field of culture, among them, on the idea of BRICS Event and Fashion Forum.

Your suggestions are in line with the priorities of the joint work of participants of the BRICS. We believe that active interaction between Russian non-governmental organizations and partner agencies in the "Five" will promote the formation of common cultural and humanitarian dimensions in BRICS, deepening of mutual understanding and closer cooperation between our peoples. For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry is ready to provide cultural projects of Your organization, including the BRICS Even and Fashion Forum, feasible help in part of information and consulting assistance.

With respect,

Deputy-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia,

Sherpa of the Russian Federation in BRICS Sergei Ryabkov
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Fashion Forim BRICS 2018
The concept of the Fashion Forum of BRICS countries 2018.
Fashion industry is multifaceted, organized on the principles of rationality, specialized production of modern fabrics and original patterns of clothing, footwear, accessories. Modern society is the process of implementation of the values of individual freedom and social progress, therefore, their realization in the fashion field in the form of "modernity" and "originality" means the creation and development of society.

Fashion is becoming a powerful driving force in the development of light industry and one of the foreground branches of the economies of BRICS countries in the modern world. Fashion as an industry involves a large number of related areas in production, business and education in a single field, thus creating conditions for the sustainable development of the economy of BRICS member states.

Fashion as part of culture based on national features promotes the popularization of cultural traditions and national identity of BRICS countries in the international community.

Forum slogan:
Fashion is the connection between nations and cultures, society and business.

Purpose of forum:

Creation of favorable conditions for business and creative communication of representatives of the fashion industry of BRICS member states aimed according to professional interests to develop comprehensive cooperation between BRICS countries in the trade and economic sphere and to a comprehensive, balanced development of the light industry of BRICS countries in general.

Promotion of the improvement of education in the textile and fashion industry, social and cultural development of organizations and structures representing BRICS countries.

Forum objectives:
Forum as a discussion platform:

within the framework of the discussion agenda of the forum there will be a discussion of priority directions for the development of the industry; projects and programs in production, business and culture; discussion of the main problems and solutions for creating workplaces; acquaintance with new systems of knowledge and infrastructure of technological development, and issues of stimulating the development of light industry in BRICS countries

Forum as a communication platform:

strategic partnerships between designers, manufacturers, investors, development and promotion institutions, buyers, heads of state and municipal authorities of the BRICS countries will be created and strengthened on the forum platform

Forum as an exhibition area:

during the forum there will be an exhibition of manufacturers of textiles, furniture, demonstrations of eminent and promising designers from BRICS countries. Proposals will be presented on the perspective areas of light industry development and the latest promising elaborations, implementation of which will significantly change the technological base of the industry. To establish and develop contacts with potential partners, communication zones will be arranged.

Forum as an investment (associate) platform:

forum site will provide conditions for effective communication between manufacturers, designers and potential investors, an opportunity for the direct work of investors involved in the fashion industry and working in the light industry. Designers will have a unique chance to discuss with potential investors, producers and buyers possible areas of cooperation and unveil their models. Potential partners will be able to sign agreements, memoranda, joint action plans.

Forum as a cultural platform:

the cultural program of the forum based on the identity and uniqueness of the cultural heritage of each of BRICS countries will show where the designers draw their inspiration and richness of styles

Participants of the BRICS Fashion Forum will have a unique opportunity to acquaint with their counterparts from BRICS countries, discuss the main issues of fashion and textile industry development of the member countries of the alliance. Based on the results of the conference, a memorandum on the joint actions of representatives of industry, manufacturers and buyers of BRICS countries, aimed at developing the fashion industry and light industry of the participating countries as a whole, will be prepared and signed in the framework of the forum.
Fashion forum BRICS 2018
Project goals: stimulate cooperation in the fields of fashion, trade, culture, textile industry, business and public relations in the fashion industry of BRICS countries.

Project objectives: Demonstration of the achievements of designers and manufacturers in the field of fashion at the Forum, creation of a new interesting and productive workplace in the BRICS Alliance countries to search for new partners and ways of interaction. We will draw attention to a new, beautiful, creative approach to interaction in the sphere of textile production and fashion.

Time & Place: April 2018, India.

Geographic coverage of the project: Holding of the Fashion Forum in the BRICS countries: India, China, South Africa, Brazil, Russia.

Target audience: fashion designers, buyers, manufacturers of textile and textile products, fashion industry experts, profile agencies, potential consumers 18 – 65 years old.

Potentially interested parties and institutions:

Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and BRICS countries,
Agency for strategic initiatives,
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation,
Moscow city hall,
International textile manufacturers federation (ITMF);
Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation,
Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation,
Moscow Government,
Russian union of industrialists and entrepreneurs,
Russian Union of clothing manufacturers,
Camera nazionale della italiana,
Chambers of trade and commerce of BRICS countries;
The Russian Union of Textile and Light Industry Entrepreneurs;
PJSC Roslegprom;
Commission of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation for the Development of Public Diplomacy and Humanitarian Cooperation.

Embassies of India, Brazil, China and South Africa in Russia.
Presentation of the Forum in Moscow: December 4, 2017
Presentation of the Forum in Delhi: December 20, 2017

Presentation of the Forum in China, Shanghai: January 2017. Presentation of the official video clip of the Forum. Presentation program: press conference, defile show of BRICS countries designers.

The program of the Forum. Delhi-Mumbai:

Day 1. Delhi.

10:00-13:00- Business Summit & Opening of the Fashion Forum of BRICS countries 2018.
Greetings of the President of the Republic of India.
Statement by the Prime Minister.
Statements by the officials of BRICS countries.
13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch.
14:00 - 17:00 – rest breaks
17:00-19:00 - Awards Ceremony and cultural program "Hospitality".
19:00-20:00 – Dinner.

Day 2. Delhi.

10:00-13:00- Business Summit (leading companies from India, Russia, South Africa and Brazil will take part in the summit).
Round Table Discussion,
Informal communication;
Signing of a memorandum.
13:00-14:00 - Lunch.
14:00- 16:00- Signing of Agreements & Contracts.
16:00- 17:00- Press Conference and buffet.
19:00-21:00- Cultural program and Fashion Show.
Performances of dance groups, pop artists and defile models "haute couture" of BRICS countries.

Day 3. Mumbai.

10:00-19:00- Textile manufacturers exhibition of BRICS countries with the participation of industry representatives, officials, the administration of Mumbai.
12:00-19:00- Conference. Presentations. Master classes.
13:00-21:00- Defile on two catwalks.

Day 4 . Mumbai.

10:00-19:00- Textile industry exhibition.
12:00- 18:00- Round table.
Negotiations, informal communication.
12:00 - Visit to textile manufacturers in Mumbai.
13:00-21:00- Fashion show.

Day 5. Mumbai.

10:00- 16:00-Exhibition.
10:00-16:00--Visit to manufacturers.
Signing agreements and contracts, informal communication.
14:00- 19-30- Fashion show.
20:00- Final show and closing of the Forum.

Sources of financing:

Participants of the forum, sponsors, partners.

Relevance of the project:

The current situation of the domestic textile and light industry and related industries, estimated by their macroscopic upsurge, which has begun to develop recently, has not provided grounds for optimism yet. For example, today Russians are of 80% dressed in imported clothes. Such a large country should have strong and modern textile and light industry. This is not only a guarantee of national security, but also the filling of the budget, and the employment of our citizens, and ensuring the modern development of all types of equipment, and wide application to produce high-tech products, as in the case of developed countries.

Information support of the project:

TV BRICS and other news TV channels.
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