BRICS Alliance is a playground for
business and business terminal with transparent and uniform rules

Speaking about the factors that help or hinder the development of business, we often focus on the experience of countries with well-developed business infrastructure, as well as on those projects and companies, which are the flagships of business. However, this approach is correct only in the case when this or that business is initially focused on the upper rungs of the global or national business rankings - otherwise many of the components of the leading companies will be redundant for it, and some are even dangerous
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On the other hand, factors of development also will be different - inherent in a particular direction of the business, specific scope of activities, specific tasks.

This duality of perception is not to the benefit of small and medium businesses. They seem to leave the most attractive moments to the leading players, while they themselves are content with the remaining. But is it so? Could, for example, small and medium-sized businesses expect a positive and fruitful international cooperation? It turns out, can.
There are many positive examples when small and medium enterprises with the same profile of products and services were united for the international market. At the same time with clients from overseas contacts were based on a much wider range of products and to a much wider variation in prices than it could provide them with one particular company. The total volume of orders has been increased and the competition turned into co-operatives, in which each participant finds its place. There are known such cases, for example, when a large and expensive orders were carried out not by a big single company, but by a few small, yet the customer save on timing and pricing, while remaining in the same high quality category, and executors have access to expensive and prestigious orders unavailable for each of them individually.

A different option is the development of the international market and participation in prestigious international exhibitions of products and or services. Again, for a company with small profit it is often difficult to afford the costs associated with it – a middle entrepreneur counts every penny, and the effect of participation in the exhibition is unclear. Thus, potential customers sometimes just can't imagine the spectrum of goods and services that they can get in another country and have to rely on information about the leading players - information that is not enough to expand and upgrade business ties. Let's say more: we know that sometimes even companies located in one country, does not know anything about each other, and familiarity comes just during wide exhibitions and business forums of national or international level.

And finally, the most important thing. Terms of international cooperation varies from country to country: customs legislation, tax system, licensing restrictions, reputational information - all in each country has its own specifics, and not always easy to learn. There is a direct need for a unified "business terminal," in which everything is transparent for entrepreneurs, and all work by the same rules. Every businessman in this case is required only to register a conscientious and responsible proposal, and further - to sign a single form of contract that guarantees him from unpredictable external influences. In other words, a simple scheme of "product / service - Client" must be relieved of the risk of instability and insecurity intermediate: "product / service - formalities - specifics - business information - customer." Stability and reliability of the ligament should be taken by an organization that is able to carry out the work competently and professionally.

BRICS Alliance is based in its cooperation with national business of the participating countries on the principle of "single window", successfully proven in the work of Russian city services with the population. The basis of this principle is sufficient number of competent staff, allowing promptly solve any problems of a citizen without having to force the client to make a long detour numerous offices.
What bonuses does a partner of BRICS Alliance receive?
- Access to a package of orders in the various countries participating in the program;
- Opportunity to participate in an integrated group of performers with its share of responsibility and income;
- Reputational growth from order to order;
- Access to the Business club with the right to make their own proposals and lobbying for improvement of the site;
- Delegation of the experts in the group of experts of BRICS Alliance in different directions;
- News coverage of their own business at the international level;
- Preferential conditions of participation in the international off-line events: business forums and exhibitions held on the initiative or with the participation of BRICS Alliance;
- Registration in the International Register by industry activities;
- The possibility of exhibiting their own business project for discussion and scientific investment and / or debt financing;
- The use of s world-class specialists for audit, start-up management, crisis management, business expertise and support in international transactions - on the basis of outsourcing, no extra load on the expenditure side of their own budgets;
- The possibility of discounted advertising in the digests and surveys carried out over the Internet and media tracking programs of BRICS Alliance;
- and much more.

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