Digital technologies in the electoral systems of the UN member states. Natalina Litvinova

The innovative resource of the election companies of UN member countries can become a unique experience in the world history of state governance. Introducing - Blockchain status Lidera is a digital portrait for candidates for leading elective posts both within countries and for the UN Office.

In the modern period, opinion leaders form a picture of the global information space based on the values of unity and safe development. In the first place put universal values outside religions, outside of confessions, outside politics.

In July 2017 the Program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" was adopted - our country, like the whole world, forms an ecosystem for the harmonious integration of social institutions into the reality of the digital economy.

According to the statistics of the World Economic Forum, Russia ranks 43rd in the I-DESI index - the international index of a favorable environment for investment. During the formation of the legislative field in the sphere of the digital economy, it is necessary to take steps aimed at a qualitative leap for Russia as a leader in the digital economy.

The International Committee of the Digital Economy issues a proposal on the establishment of candidates for elected office of any level (from municipal candidates to candidates for the presidency) -

Blockchain Status Lidera:

a collection of data:

  • BIG DATA and a digital diagnosis of the emotional and physical health of the candidate

  • Digital portrait is formed as a result of monitoring the direction of the indices of its publications aimed at creating and consolidating or disconnecting and destroying

Diagnostic resources in this field for more than twenty years are being developed by scientists and tested in the largest scientific institutes in the world.

Main characteristics Blockchain status lidera:

Main characteristics Blockchain status Lidera:

  • transparency of data - the main characteristic of the technology of blocking the transparency of events and processes

  • trust - the record made in the block can not be changed, which forms the confidence of voters in the authenticity of the data and excludes the possibility of fraud

  • the absence of intermediaries - the blockchain maintains a record and verification without a third party.

Responsibility for their words and deeds in the past, the purity of intentions for the future, the ecology of the consciousness of persons forming legislation and the management system is the fundamental basis of sustainable development.

The President of Russia has a unique chance in his last election period to become the world's first President-bearer - BLOCKCHAIN STATUS LIDERA and to come out with this proposal at the UN General Session for all countries of the United Nations.

This resource of electoral technologies will be presented for the world community, the member countries of the United Nations in February 2018.

We proceed from the fact that the right to form social processes must belong to the best. Objectively the best.

Natalina Litvinova

President - International Committee Digital Economy

Director - World Resources Development Fund "Rozhdeniye mira"

Vice-President - BRICS Alliance

Candidate of Legal Sciences

Expert information-psychological security and anti-terrorism


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