Winners of the Nelson Mandela-Graça Machel CIVICUS Award for Innovation 2021
The Nelson Mandela-Graça Machel Innovation Award is presented by the global civil society alliance CIVICUS. This year, in line with the theme of the International Civil Society Week 2020-2021. The awards recognize seven individuals, groups or organizations that stand out for their innovative work to strengthen people's power in support of human rights and social justice in their communities.

Seven recipients were selected by an external selection committee from over 350 inspiring candidates from over 70 countries who entered the open competition.

Each winner will receive $ 5,000 in recognition of their work to advance power over people, human rights and social justice.

The winners are:

Building and sustaining social justice movements: (South Africa)

Creating Positive Stories for Power over People:

HIVE Pakistan's Campaign AIK Better Together (Pakistan)

Democratization of management systems and processes:

Living in Leggings: Caribbean Alliance Against Gender-based Violence (Barbados)

Expanding diversity and inclusion through creativity:

Together! Civil Society Organization (Ethiopia)

Protecting and promoting digital civil space:

Hashtag generation (Sri Lanka)

Providing resources for youth groups and movements:

Noble Missions for Change Initiative (Nigeria)

Maintaining the power of people through caring for ourselves and the community:

Let's walk in Uganda