50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Russia and India
Today (August 9, 2021) marks half a century of the treaty, which is commonly called "a turning point in relations between India and the Soviet Union." In 1971, in the building of the Indian Foreign Ministry in New Delhi, Gromyko and Singh signed an Agreement on Peace, Friendship and Cooperation between the two countries. This event became a turning point in the history of these countries.

In the document, the USSR and India stated that "lasting peace and friendship will exist between them," and also decided that they would "build their relations on the basis of the principles of respect for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the other side, non-interference in internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit ".

"This gave us even more confidence and strength," Indira Gandhi recalled. "And although we wanted to sign this treaty before, there is no doubt that it was the support and friendship of the USSR at that important moment that were the main reason that the conclusion of the treaty we have further strengthened the bonds of friendship that existed between our countries before. "

"Relations between India and Russia are rooted in history, characterized by mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation. This strategic partnership has successfully passed the test of time and invariably receives the support of the peoples of both countries," said the Indian Embassy in the Russian Federation.

We are pleased to cooperate and maintain a warm relationship with India.