St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
On June 2-5 the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was held at the Expoforum CFC. This event from year to year retains its importance and uniqueness for the world of economics and business.

It is not only a platform for solving the most important issues, but also a platform for cooperation. In 2021, the main topic of the forum was designated as follows: "Together again. The economy of the new reality ". Despite the long separation, the participants nevertheless gathered face-to-face for the event. To date, this event has clearly once again shown the value of live communication. It is worth noting that the organization was carried out in compliance with strict security measures in connection with COVID-19. According to Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, Executive Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee, the Forum this year will become even more technological, in accordance with the requirements of the time. Therefore, for those who, for whatever reason, could not participate in offline mode, the site contains broadcasts from every day of the program.

The program included many tracks and sessions, for example, as part of the "Uniting efforts for development" track, sessions were held on issues of cooperation in the international arena, transformation of various industries in the post-like period, as well as the development of investment projects. In particular, the participants of the session "Business in a Post-Pandemic World: Responsible Investing in the Future" discussed the problem of changes in the business strategy of Russian and international companies and the economy in general, and how business is revising its investment strategies and social programs. Also, speakers and invited experts spoke. The long-awaited speech of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin took place. The full program of the forum can be found on the official website:

This year the forum was attended by 13 thousand participants, among whom were representatives of the ANO "International Alliance of Strategic Projects BRICS", as well as the ICOO "Sail of Hope" represented by the President of the organizations and the team.

The result of SPIEF 2021 was the conclusion of 800 agreements worth more than 3.8 trillion rubles.