An effective solution of many problems of modern international relations is not possible without active mobilization of civil society of BRICS countries, especially significant role of public diplomacy in ensuring trust and mutual understanding between nations, in search for a peaceful settlement of regional conflicts and crises.
BRICS Alliance is a uniting
platform of international integral design
The task of "International Alliance of BRICS Strategic Projects" is the creation of the territory, the main purpose of which is identification and support of civic initiatives. Alliance experts are ready to carry out continuous assessment of social undertakings, to give them an impetus to development through advice and support from the federal and international level professionals, facilitating the task of the launch period, selecting the competent and professional partners, providing staff as both among those registered in the program, and among the other participating countries, as well as remotely. BRICS is coming into the world, and the world is coming in BRICS.

Larisa Zelentsova, President of BRICS Alliance

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INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE OF BRICS STRATEGIC PROJECTS is a community of experts and specialists to establish and develop public international relations in various fields, optimal selection of partners for the promotion of projects of international format, which are consistent with the general program of the BRICS.

International federal level of competence and support – to international civic initiatives!

They are solving questions of assessment of the relevance of the projects, the complexity of their startup, ways to solve current and future problems of forecasting and many others on this site. All this is the reason for the membership and participation. All this is the reason for the support from the state structures. All this is the path to the development of a society based on real results and civil initiatives, not weaken, but strengthen the Federal government and a constructive international cooperation.

Today one of the leading factors of social destabilization, leading to a variety of negative and even destructive phenomena in many countries, - and particularly in countries where standard of living and education of the population are below the critical level, - is a growing gap between the management strategy and the daily life of society.

This gap is primarily located in the information field: most of those segments of the population, who are most susceptible to the destructive propaganda, can't match the standard of living with development prospects declared by the government, and find a way to realize personal tactical tasks on the background of global public state strategic processes.

In this situation, it is easy for those, who are interested in the destabilization of society, to treat the temporary difficulties of transition periods as a lack of desire of the ruling administration to take care of its own people, as dishonest officials, untidiness of the financial system, etc. All this results in spontaneous attempt to rectify the situation "from below" - attempts that are easy, in the presence of ill will, could be directed to destruction of management, revolutionary process, terrorism.

In current situation, there are flaws in Government: often in crises and growing external pressure governments do not have enough time and effort to carry out adequate explanatory work with the population. At the same time, the effectiveness of the traditional work is being reduced due to problems with unscrupulous executors, the need to oppose their own interpretations (long-term) to the arguments of opponents (based on the specific shortcomings and errors).

The above mentioned fully applies both to domestic problems and the problems of international relations, in which long-term of projects is much higher, and "short results" do not carry enough information about the changes taking place to the public.

The problem can and must be solved through the establishment of special programs and projects, extrapolating a positive shift in the global domestic and foreign policy on the life of society. The support of civil initiatives, the implementation of which creates a visible and strong bond between the people and the government implements a solid foundation for the real support and the construction of global improvement and innovation.

We must recognize the fact that civic initiatives sometimes carry even more effectiveness, than those which are directed to the society "from the top". The support of positive initiatives "from the bottom" gives also added value, both material (the creation of new jobs, increase of social guarantees and standards of living) and moral (population - and especially young people - gets a way to implement its own social activities in order to achieve growth and progress in the community, region, state).

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